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Great review! Totally going to buy one now. :)

Thanks for the review, it sounds like it is well worth retraining your brain for the multi-touch functions and it looks as slick and lovely to use as the Intuos 4.

I had the exact same experiences for the first week I had the Intuos 5 (medium)... after that is when things went wrong. It will randomly stop working with the pen, but be fine with touch capabilities. Sometimes the touch will work fine, and the pen jumps around the screen like it's trying to do something. Sometimes the express keys will not show the HUD menu when I press lightly on them. Sometimes the express keys don't even work at all. Sometimes the pen input will INVERT itself, and move incredibly slowly. And of course, sometimes the whole damn thing doesn't even work at all... no pen, no touch; nothing. Only a system restart will fix that. I'm using a 6-core AMD Phenom processor, Windows 7 64-bit, and 16 gigs of RAM. I've tried different USB ports, exchanging my tablet for a different one, all versions of drivers, etc... all to no avail. I even contacted Wacom, and never heard back from them in 3 weeks. Very disappointed.

Hi Jason. Unfortunately, I have encountered non of these issues in the few months I have been using this tablet wired and wirelessly with both my Mac Pro desktop and my MacBook Pro notebook. I would suggest contacting Wacom again to trouble shoot further -

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