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Hands down no matter what, the head animation will be the favorite and it's mine too :-), and for the other 2, it depends on what you want to show case more, the iPad's artistic capabilities, Mac (or what other hardware you use such as wacom) artistic advantages and or applications, or you own artistic skills.

For the first I would say the Rianna realistic pic (I'm sorry if it was not on iPad cause I assumed) then the woman on the subway painting. This would show both ends of the spectrum from extreme realism to more gritty or maybe even surrealisim style paintings that can all be done using the iPad.

Second would be the short story animations on the same level of realism and the higher realism the better. This is causes I am continually blown away by how games and movies are looking so very closes to live action videos it's almost scary, and I bet your audience would feel the same. :-)

Now to show case your own skill I would say go for anything that is both eye catching and was really difficult to do, because the more difficult they were the more heart they have in them and that always shows through in artwork. I would like to say along those lines that the Batman painting of Heath Ledger as the joker really moved my heart. I think you really captured his emotion and the insanely powerful performance he gave in his unfortunately final roll. :-( He was my favorite actor of time and I pray he is in God's hands now.

Any who, hope your presentation goes even better than planned!!!

God bless and keep calm while your up on that stage and you'll be great.

One (1), nine (9) and fifteen (15) though this may not work for selecting work to showcase as they're all portraits - thought they do demonstrate different elements of both your artistry and the medium.

Good luck with the presentation at MacWorld

My favs are (4) Batman Joker Painting, (13) Watchman Animatic and (15) Megan Fox Realistic Painting.

4) Batman Joker Painting- i like the capture, style and detail of the painting (i wouldn't mind buying this as a poster tbh).

5) Watchmen Animatic- i am a bit of a fan of Alan Moore (sad what they did to him) but i loved the watchman comic, the style you did this in and detail of the animatic was awesome.

15) Megan Fox Realistic Painting- not a big fan of Megan Fox bit yeah... detail and capture of the image... i really did think it was real at first untill the video zoomed in.

You're a great digital painter keep at it, good luck at the presentations.

Megan Fox, Rhiana, Toy Story

Rihanna, Batman Joker and 3D head.

Good luck!

Batman Joker, Megan Fox, Rihanna

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