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Woahhhh !!! Apple should use it in Ipad ad :)

Very good work. I'm just curious, how long did you take to do it and how did you capture it on "video" ?

ps: sorry for my bad english

Pierre, thanks for the comment. It took 6 hours and the app I used to paint it (Brushes) records the strokes as you do them. At the end you can make a video from it using your Mac. Pretty cool!

thanks ;) once again great job! (and very cool app)

Hey Kyle, just to say amazing work, not just this but all your work is awesome and very inspiring. I'm a 15 year old and I have learned a lot about digital art from your work/videos. Keep up the amazing work, if you want you can check out my blog:
I mainly do caricatures but I've done a couple of photo-realistic pictures and iPad stuff, Thanks:) @TobyK17

Kyle, you won a brazilian fan.
You're fantastic.
Congrats !

awsome talent


Amazing! 100K views in youtube for the first 3 days?

And it should be featured alright. Good for you! :)

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